Allergic to Sugar

Found out about a month ago that i?m allergic to sugar!!! Oh My GAWD!!! No freekin? SUGAR???

So, haven?t had ANY sugar– well almost no sugar– in three weeks! And I?m feeling … well, a little better, I guess…

4 responses to “Allergic to Sugar”

  1. I am allergic to sugar and its devastating to my overall diet. Although sugar isn’t good for you, completely extracting it out my food intake leaves me to wonder what do I eat. I get a bad reaction to it.


  2. Apparently sugar feeds fungus and bacteria in one’s body. Also, the body burns sugar for energy FIRST, that is, before it burns carbs or fat; so if you don’t exercize, everything above and beyond what your basic metabolism needs gets stored as fat.

    So, cut sugar out of your diet, then your body will burn carbs and fat, just to support its day-to-day needs. Thus, you might not LOSE weight, but you probably won’t GAIN any.

    Then, doing some pretty basic exercise, say 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week, should help you LOSE weight.

    Plus, just not eating sugar will help your overall health, because you won’t be feeding the fungus and bacteria in your body!

    I am once again minimizing my sugar intake, as I can feel my skin burning, my eczema flaring up– a sure sign for me that my bad flora are getting too much fuel…


  3. I found this really interesting, I wish there was some more information… particularly about the whole… sugar feeding fungus etc.. I think the ridiculous amount of sugar I consume is having some very odd effects (Obviously) but some fungus based problems specifically are making me think about sugar in a different light! It is SO hard to cut out sugar, it seems to be in everything!


  4. I too have struggled with the sugar issue. For the longest time, we could not figure out what was causing my allergic reactions, which were getting steadily worse. After an allergy test, they found out I was NOT ALLERGIC TO ANY KIND OF FOOD. This of course frustrated us beyond words, and I just worsened. Ever since I was little, I had LOVED sugar!! I ate it all the time. I was always the first and last to eat dessert, and I constantly bought candy for myself and others. So when we found out that it was sugar that was causing my problem, I was devastated. I thought it was impossible to go without dessert, candy, and other sweets. At first, we thought it was the actual product of sugar, so I substituted fruit whenever I craved sugar, but soon we found out that anything sweet caused me to break out in hives. I thought going without sweets was hard enough, but going without the fruit, sugar substitutes, and any other form of sugar, was all but impossible. Now, after going without pretty much any form of sugar for several months, along with an allergy diet for a month, I realize that nothing is impossible if you need to do it bad enough.

    After telling you all that, now I must tell you that there is a cure for me, and hopefully for you. A hormone test showed that I am extremely low on progesterone, the female hormone. The doctor tells me that this can cause an intolerance to sugar, making it seem like I am allergic to it, when really my body just can’t process the sweets. The treatment for the problem is extremely easy, and now, almost 2 months later, I can start trying to eat a tiny bit of sugar once in a while.
    If anyone reading this seems to have the problem I have described, I urge you to have a hormone test done, especially if you are a woman. I hope my experiences can help someone who has the same frustrating, mind-boggling, upsetting problem I have. God bless.


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