Kirtan: the Yoga of Singing. Of Course.

Just heard Jai Uttal and his group (Jai Uttal and the pagan love orchestra) singing “Om Nemah Shivaya”, a gorgeous Hare Krishna-esque chant from their “Nectar” album. Upon visiting his website, I’ve discovered that there is– suprise!– a “yoga of singing,” called “kirtan.” And here is some information about a workshop Uttal will be holding around the turn of the new year.

What a wonderful thing! As I heard the song, a call-and-response singalong, I just couldn’t help but sing along. And soon, I was picturing in my head “my people.” My future. The dream of my future, in a beautiful, natural setting, with my friends and family surrounding me, all of us singing together in this beautiful sound, feeling and sharing love and smiles.

Kirtan. The Yoga of Singing. Of course.

2 responses to “Kirtan: the Yoga of Singing. Of Course.”

  1. Scott’s into Kirtan. The music’s nice, but I’m wary of chanting about deities, no matter who’s deity it is. I just can’t get over the Didi’s who tried to snag Anne into a cult years ago.

    On the other hand, I do like singing in groups. I really like group meditation with “Om” chanting at different intervals like the rising and falling of gentle waves. Reminds me of floating out in the Gulf in about chest-high water and the waves lifting me off my toes.



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