The God-Mind Connection

M and I have been reading this really powerful book called “The God-Mind Connection,” by Jean K. Foster. I say “powerful” because it is really making me aware of how to tap into the infinite power of God. Now, that term “God” kinda bugs me, but I am definitely getting over it, simply because I’m realizing that such terminology for the unnameable is simply a convenience, and that I do, in fact, understand what is meant by the term “God,” anyway.

But I have such mixed feelings about the possible job at EB BCo. in Seattle lately, with the sudden death of Aunt Kay and its accompanying complications, plus the fact that M and I have so little money these days, all of which makes it difficult to purchase the airfare to Seattle for said interview… I mean, if this is part of my “growth plan”, then why is it seeming so “hairy,” so borderline possible?

According to Jean K. Foster, I need detailed pictures of my dreams…

I do still dream about owning some land up in the San Juan islands— on Orcas Island, specifically– right on the water, up a gentle slope, with a little babbling brook running thru green, open pastures, surrounded by tall evergreens… Dappled with colorful, fragrant flowers, birds twittering, deer peeking thru the trees occasionally. A main house with a big kitchen and eating/congregating area, several spacious bedrooms, offices, libraries, a big bubbling hot tub…

And out a ways, thru tree-covered paths or down beautiful sunlit trails, are scattered several other, smaller cabins where our friends and family live and help us maintain the place, tilling the garden, tending the animals, installing solar panels, windmills and power plants, constructing buildings off-the-grid…

A place where like-minded people can raise their children and commune with other loving souls…

Yes. Something like that.

And, also in accord with Foster, a temple… A place where one may go to commune with God. A place in which to re-fuel… To re-charge and re-center… To remember and re-remember one’s calling.

But what I really need to work on is inviting God into my heart, or at least inviting the Brotherhood of God (Foster’s “facilitators”) into my heart to that I can follow my “growth plan.”

I thus feel that this move to Seattle is part of that plan. It gets us up there to that area.

I feel, however, that another part of my growth plan is music and community. Drum circles. Communion via the drum vibration… This aspect of my life has just been missing for so long now…

As one of my biggest problems right now is our debt, I just talked to this financial advisor, Zack Niehaus. (Very strange because he just called me, just as I’d typed “But what I really need to work on is…” above!) I’ve had problems trusting financial advisors before, simply because I guess I wasn’t really honest with them. The truth is that we are maxxed out. We have no credit available.

Which, if seen from the proper perspective, means that “it can only get better.” I think if I can stay un-obsessed with my computers— which means my freakin’ iTunes Library, mostly— then I think I can maintain the track of positive productivity. I’m feeling great, too. Had a nice little quickie session with my sweetie just before I came to work, and at one point, I got the picture of our farm/commune up in Orcas, with the glowing addition of a child— our child— running, laughing, playing in the sun. So beautiful it makes me cry…

It really seems that, when I am seeing from my god-mind, all around me are the resources I need to become what I am striving for. Ask the question about my addiction… “is there help for me with my addiction?”

The God-Mind connection, the Brotherhood of God…

There is no growth in my addiction, only stagnation, which, if anything is the Devil, it is stagnation: non-growth, sadness, and the realizing of my own personal Hell. And in my life, actually, nothing is just personal. I am married to the beautiful MAW, so I share everything with her. Including my own “personal” Hell.

I do not want anything but the best—in other words, HEAVEN— for M. And thus, I only want the best for myself…!


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