Talent Stolen from the Drug Companies

Rush Limbaugh. What a loser. Does anybody even listen to him anymore? Didn’t he go to jail for drugs?

Well, not quite. His drug use has been in criminal investigation for two-and-a-half years, poor guy (I mean, how inconvenient!). Now, apparently, he’s been let off the hook because he’s been seeing a therapist since the whole thing blew up in his drug-frenzied face (“Limbaugh cuts deal in drug probe,” Reuter’s, April 28, 2006). Hm. I’m sure that therapist is no Karl Jung. No, more like Karl Rove:

“It’s ok son, we all know you’ve done nothing wrong. This isn’t your fault, after all. It’s your mother’s. She raised you on Quaaludes. Sure it’s the only way she could live with herself knowing the kind of son she’d raised. The emotional abuse. The spewing of lies and hate. But it’s not your fault your actions drove her to OD. You were way too strong for her bleeding heart. Did ya see Ken Lay got off?”

Yeah, so Limbaugh’s getting off with a hand slap (had to pay $30,000 in investigation fees), just like all those rich sons of bitches who get away with murder and buy their way out.

But really, this thing is wrong in so many ways: he spews hate for anybody who does drugs (especially if they’re black “welfare mothers”) all the while using his (probably illegal alien) housekeeper to get him prescription drugs. (What’s his stance on immigration?) What a hypocrite! Throw the loser in JAIL!!! That’s what he’d recommend if a black person was doing what he himself was doing!

So do you think he might have learned a lesson here? Do you think he might have grown a bit through this whole thing? Would you think he might have a little more compassion now for people who have addictions? Do you think he might have– *gasp!*– opened his mind a little, or– *horror!*– become a bit more– *gasp!*– LIBERAL?????

Well, EVIL OF EVILS!!! Rush’s “talent”– previously on loan from the Old Man in the Big Chair Upstairs (no, not George Jr., stupid– GOD!!!)– has now been co-opted by the Liberal Media!

Nope. I’m sure he’ll go right on spewing his brand of hate and lies into the steaming hot concoction called the “Conservative Media” which he and all his peers and pundits have been brewing for the past couple decades. And mindless, gullible, and fearful people will continue to cry “ditto!” from the recesses of their darkened souls.

Pity. Not that I’m perfect, by any means. Anybody who knows me knows. But at least I don’t spew hate and lies to millions of people every day. Unless everybody really IS reading my blog and just being shy about it.

That’s what we should do to Rush. Just let him be. Another media has-been. I bet he’s not that bad a guy when he’s not all hyped up on meds. Yeah. Just let him live out his life on his own. I’ll forgive him if you do.

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