Sister’s in Hospital

My sister Deana’s in the hospital. Last night at 7, Mama heard “why? why?” from Deana’s room, ran in there, and found her unconscious on the floor. She tried to revive her, but cdn’t. Called 9-1-1. Ambulance cdn’t reviver her either. Took her to the emergency rm at Spohn South, and finally she came to enough to tell Mama her “head really hurt.” They did a CAT scan (which we know no results), and have been wanting to do a spinal tap, but when they tried Deana resisted too much.

They think she may have meningitis. Apparently another court reporting student at Del Mar came in yesterday, but refused treatment. Meningitis is either a viral or bacterial infection of the spinal fluid. According to the CDC website, particularly suseptible are students at college dorms, those in close living quarters with carriers, and old people. 10-15% mortality rate. My parents are 75 and 70, and Deana has been living with them now for three months or so. Not good.

Anxiously awaiting…

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