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*sigh* she’s ok. Just got back from the hospital. MRI and CAT scans were both negative. They wanted to do an arteriogram/angiogram, but when they explained to her that there was a 5% chance of the procedure causing a stroke, Dna said no thank you. Good for her.

They were freaking clueless, actually. When we got there, Dna was down in radiology. When the two RNs from radiology delivered her, they told us they didn’t know anything, they were from radiology.

One of Dna’s three doctors had told Mama that Dna wasn’t contagious. But he had apparently not made a note of it for the nurses, as one of them insisted we MUST wear facemasks. But while we were in Dna’s room, another nurse came in and fiddled with the IV machine without a mask on! When M told her the other nurse had not recieved note from a doctor that Dna was no longer risk of contagion, she just rolled her eyes and said, “whatever.”

See what i mean? Our freeking healthcare system is on the fritz big-time. I don’t trust any given doctor or nurse or other healthcare professional as far as i can throw them.

And who can afford it, anyway???

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