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Thinkin’ i might be good at music reviews… I DO love music like nothing else, and i DO listen to a lot of it. Am having a bit of trouble with my MacMini iTunes jukebox right now. I hope it’s just that i need to add the extra 256MB RAM, but you gotta get two very skinny putty knives to jack open the case. And just have not done that as of yet…

Anyway, some of my fave music: XTC, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Steve Roach, Sigur Ros, Kate Bush, Tears for Fears, Brian Eno, David Sylvian, Talk Talk, The Blue Nile, Radiohead, Stereolab, Suspended Memories, Yes, Rush, the Buggles, the Korgis, Tori Amos, Massive Attack, Portishead, Genesis, Phil Collins (his early solo work), 1 Giant Leap, Bebel Gilberto, Lisa Gerrard (& Dead Can Dance), Steve Gorn, William Orbit, yugen, Simple Minds (their mid-80s albums), Wally Badarou, Talking Heads (their world fusion albums), Bobby McFerrin, Oregon (& Ralph Towner & Colin Walcott solo projects), John Serrie, Shakatura, Mike Oldfield, Shankar, Sheila Chandra, Split Enz, Sufjan Stevens, Trilok Gurtu, Jorge Reyes, Venus Hum, Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd, Bill Nelson, Oystein Sevag, David Torn, Mark Isham, Jane Siberry, Jon Hassell, … and lots of others.

But for now, i gotta run. peace+love, k

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  1. Hi there.

    Cool site – I stumbled across it following a comment you’d made on the windhaming blog. In that comment you mentioned that you had a recording of Mark Isham that you’d made and recently digitized, around the time of his Vapor Drawings album.

    Is that a recording that could be shared? I’m a huge fan of that album, and have been for years.

    In return I could swap you a live recording that I have that you might enjoy of David Sylvian around the time of his Gone To Earth album – in the band is Mark Isham – it’s a fantastic set.


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    • Hi Ian,

      Yes, I do have a cassette of a Mark Isham live show from Thursday, Oct 17, 1985, at the Paramount Theater in Austin. I actually haven’t digitized the tape yet (I got three 60-tape cases from an old friend who had stored them since 2006… a bunch of recordings of my own music over the decades, in addition to mixtapes, etc. I wanted to digitize my own stuff first, and just ran out of time, back a couple years ago when I wrote this). But I’m holding the cassette box in my hand right now, and the tape’s playing in the deck, and it sounds pretty good! I need a couple cables/adapters to plug it into my iMac for digitizing, but I’ll try getting those today. Could be a fun weekend project. Plus, I still have a bunch of cassettes that I need to digitize on top of this one.

      When I get it done, I’ll post somewhere… I have a SoundCloud Pro account with like 104 minutes available, so that’s a — temporary — host site. I’d like to archive in a long-term site, though. Maybe Bandcamp? But Bandcamp is really for original artist stuff… Maybe Could be. Maybe the Internet Archive? YES! I think the Internet Archive is the perfect site for this: long-term, their Live Music Archive exactly serves this purpose: to archive live concert recordings! Of course they have tons of Grateful Dead and Michael Franti, but no Mark Isham — yet!

      And of course, I’d love to hear your “Gone To Earth”-era Sylvian recording. That surely was a dream lineup, with Isham and Steve Janssen and — who else? David Torn? Cool stuff.

      — Keith

      PS: in searching for info about this concert tour, I found this video that percussionist Michele Graybeal posted a few years ago: “When Things Dream”


  2. So, Ian, I just found out only certain, approved, artists are allowed on the Internet Archive site. So, here’s what I can do: I can share with an email address. If you get me your email address, I can share the files with you. They’re iTunes-quality mp4s, about 192 MB. 8 tracks, about an hour and a half. It’s a beautiful concert.


    • Actually I’d propose we share a Dropbox folder. The Sylvian show is about 850MB since it’s off the soundboard and in FLAC. It’s a stunning sound, probably the best Sylvian bootleg out there. I was actually at the show(!!) – it was at the Hammersmith Odeon (as it was then) in London – and the band was DS, Jansen (drums), Barbieri (keyboards), Torn (good guess, guitar), Isham (trumpet, keyboards?), Ian Maidman (bass), Robbie Aceto (guitar, keyboards)

      I’ll find you on Facebook later today and send a direct message with my email address.


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