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Hi again… Good way thru 2005 now, my life’s fairly changed past nine mo. or so… no more TAMUCC, now working with M running a fancy boutique, MerciBella. By May i shd be a legal massage therapist.

We’re in a new house (a *real* house) now, with a guest bedroom, full sized kitchen and bath, a den, a huge back yard, a nice front yard… very so happy, home-like. I’ve likewise been selling off my old audio gear, and simplifying all my technology shite… got a new MacMini (typing on it now!), adding memory and firewire hard drives. Got a new Pentax Optio-X 5MP digital camera (my third generation now, and getting better all the time).

Just posted three songs to CorpusMusic.com. Been a long time since i’ve had any of my music online (ever since c|net bought out MP3.com and effectively *killed* free, democratic music on the internet).

So, i’m gonna try posting some of my pictures from Flickr.com here:

Well, it looks like that’s not gonna work (some code in there to show a few of my Flickr.com photos on this page)… So, just go HERE for my Flickr.com photos!

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