The Lotus Cup is Closed Forever

From the Lotus Cup website: 10 Feb, 2004

After three years, eleven months & ten days (but who’s counting?), Milena and I have decided to call it quits. It is time for us to move on.

It has been quite a ride; we have seen several significant setbacks, and we made it through most of them, with the help of a lot of good friends and family.

We have no regrets. The Cup was a great adventure, our baby. However, we might want to have a real baby, and the life of regular people. We want to spend more time being creative, with friends, with family, with ourselves.

Before you know it, you realize that all you do is sleep, eat, and work, and you don’t recognize the life that you once dreamed of. You just become a slave. Now we are freeing ourselves.

The Lotus Cup has always been a labor of love– and that love of friends, community, art, music, still exists. But it is time for others to continue good work, and for us to support them.

We are now officially out of our space down at the Center, and are finishing up taxes, payroll, etc. It is time to move on…

Peace & love,

Keith & Milena

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