Simple. A simple Christmas. A simple life. I appreciate simplicity. Especially since i don’t feel like my life is simple.
Just too many things going on. My full-time Mac Manager job; my two classes that equal a half-time job. At least we don’t have the Lotus Cup any more. While we’ve still got loose ends dangling from what’s left of the Cup, at least it’s not open any more.
I keep wishing i had time for creativity– for music, for visual art, for video. I’m hoping i don’t need to keep re-creating my Graphic Design class every semester, but the field keeps changing. It’s so caught up in technology that there’s just no avoiding that change, especially from an education standpoint. That is, I am paid to stay abreast of current Graphic Design technology, and to be able to share that technology with my students. It is quite a challenge.
Must keep asking myself, “what do i want?” That keeps me in touch with the basics, with simplicity. I’m sure i need to focus.
Was watching TechTV’s ScreenSavers show and a lady was on demoing Final Cut. I was fascinated. M asked, “why don’t you go to film school?” Hmmm… I’d not really thought of that, but that would be pretty dang cool…

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