Xmas is…

Not feeling very Christmassy this year. The weather has been pretty cold for Corpus, and we had a Holiday party last night, but, i don’t know… just hasn’t sunk in that it’s Christmas yet. Maybe it will here on Xmas Eve at Mama’s…
Maybe it’s that i’ve not bought many Xmas presents. No wrapping.
M and I have said we’re not going to buy each other presents this year. But i know she’s going to. We say so every year, and she always gets me about three or four things. I hate that! I mean, if we’re going to say we’re not going to get each other Xmas presents, we should stick to our word! And while i know she means well, and that she wants to show her love for me, it bugs me because we ARE in such financial straits now WAY more than ever before…
And i know Xmas is not abt the money you spend on people, but rather abt the quality of the time you spend with them or thinking about them. I’ve just not been feeling tremendously close to people lately. I’m so freakin’ scattered! I mean, i just got this Digital Performer– purchased it with the money from the sale of the Lotus Cup PA– i’ve not been able to get it going to the extent I want.
Partly this is because i don’t have the space i need for setting up my speakers, mixer, mic, etc. I mean, it’s not gonna take a boatload of room, but i need more than i’ve GOT!
We’re going to be giving my desk to M’s dad for Xmas, and then i’ll be moving my big office desk from the LC office to our house. That should give me a big base for my audio stuff. Yes. Cool.

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