yugen statement for Experimental Music Night

i have always been entranced by music. My family always sang together when i was growing up, and a lilting melody heard in any realm of my life would instantly have me singing and dancing.

i have since spent much of my quality time submerged in various nether-regions of music: recording my own tape- and computer-based compositions; studying trance-musics of mystical world cultures; experimenting with synthesizers; recording environments out in the real world, then bringing them home and filtering, shaping, and re-shaping them.

The word “yugen“ names a category of Zen art in which the subject is portrayed mysteriously, vaguely hinted at with just a few simple lines that suggest a fuller existence beyond. i have chosen to name my music thusly because music has always held this mysterious power over me, tantalizing me with aromatic whisps of rich texture, pregnant silences, intrigueing sequences of sound. yugen music, for me, at least, embodies the magic from which we were born, from which we experience every moment of our lives, and to which we return at death.

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