For Real?

Tues, 28 Jan, 1997
11:32 am

Me & Milena are still together, better than ever. Looks like this is FOR REAL!!! We’ve always had beautiful sex together, but Sunday nite was just absolutely apotheotic. For the first time, i really felt like i was touching her soul. It was extraordinary. Incredible. It felt like i was inside her soul! She is an amazing human being. Being this close to her– it just blows me away. All my life i’ve dreamt of having such a relationship with someone, and now that it’s real, it’s just a bit hard to believe. I still find myself putting up walls. & i hate that because she’s so open.

Weekend before last, Dedee was in Lake Jackson w/ Mama & Papa visiting Terri & the kids, so Milena & i spent a couple nights at her pad. We both dig DD’s place. So much more space than the 1/2 Pad. & DD’s got a real nice king-sized bed. I cooked breakefast the first morning, then that night, Milena whipped up some garlicy-olive-oil spaghetti.

I just keep find myself putting up walls…

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