MacWorld 97, Part 3

Thurs, 9 Jan, 1997

Thursday. Last full day of the conference– tomorrow’s only a half day, or to 3 pm. Yesterday was pretty mellow, actually. Finally made it out onto the exhibit floor. Pure chaos. NO f***ing audio people here. No Digidesign. We talked abt this a bit at the Audio breakout, people saying how Digidesign thinks they’re king. But i really feel Apple’s dropped the audio ball just like they’ve dropped the high-end video ball. Or even worse. people were saying that NAMM’s just around the corner, so digidesign didn’t think it was worth it to come here. But i wondered if Apple was gonna be at NAMM. I bet they’re not. How can the audio world take Apple seriously if they don’t go to NAMM? Y’know, show us what they can offer us in the audio realm…

Anyway. Went to like 5 breakouts yesterday, fell asleep at least once in each one. Didn’t get much sleep Tues nite. Not after all those parties. Well, actually just the Apple party there at the Moscone and the Ingram party at this really cool shopping mall. There were at least a thousand people there, it was like four levels, with a 16 or 17- member band (at least 8 of whom were women). All decked out. NEVER been to a party like that. Free beer and wine and food. Talked to a nice woman from Nisus. Jack said he saw her yeaterday, she was up doing a demo & waved at him & everybody turned around at him.

Yesterday made it to the Pierian Springs booth. The marketing personlady gave me a card with their trainers’ names on it. Mebbe we’ll need some training on Digital Chisel. Saw a demo of HyperStudio. It looks pretty cool. Today i will visit the Education kiosk, get literature, talk to some prospective new sw people. Hopefully find something new to take back to Kay Queen. She says we’ve got like $40 grand to spend on software.

If we cd get a few e-Mates, with some typing tutor software, mebbe we cd convince the kids’ teachers & Barrios to let the kids take them home & practice their keyboarding. I know Jodi Erickson wd dig it. And at like $800 apiece, we cd probl’y afford a dozen or so.

Milena called again last nite. She left a message, then i called her back at midnite here, 2am there– she was staying at her folks’ house, said it was supposed to freeze last nite. Her folks don’t have a heater, so she was all bundled up in flannel pants & my CCISD sweatshirt/hood, bunch of socks. she said she misses me, was thinking about me “all day.” Told her i was feeling alone out here, but she told me “you’re NOT alone– i’m with you. I’m always thinking about you.” She’s so cool. It really is quite strange having someone so close to me. But it’s wonderful, of course. If she were here, i probably wdn’t even go to the conference any more– take today & tomorrow & just drive all around the bay area, check out stuff. It’s so beautiful here: the water & the mountains. And at night the moutainsides all light up. Really wanna go over the Golden Gate bridge & eat some seafood over in Sausalito. She’s so beautiful. think she’s addicted to me…

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