MacWorld 97, Part 2

Tues, 7 Jan, 1997
11:35pm, SF time

called Milena this am. She misses me. She also realized i forgot my coats when she noticed them on my drum. & it’s still been cold, but not so windy today, thank god.

Had bfast at a chinese diner, excellent ham & cheese omelet & also excellent hash browns. Lunch at a sushi bar in Cupertino, where we visited the Apple campus, its store & bookstore. Jack went to the QuickTime for Educators nondisclosure, was pretty bored w/ all but the wirelessstuff.

i can’t wait really for tomorrow– the exhibition starts, but at 8:30 am, we got the Apple Enterprise track breakfast, where i’ll get my conference badge & ACA pass. i’ll be a bigwhig! then at noon, there’s Gil Amelio’s keynote address, followed by Guy Kawasaki’s “hotnew mac apps.” Actually, we’ll be getting the inside stuff from Amelio in the am, before even the keynote! Talkin’ bigwig here, man.

had dinner at a just-okay place in Chinatown. they didn’t even know what General Tao’s chicken was. So i got sesame chicken. it was pretty good.

Went to a Mactiivity thang this evening. met Nathan Nunn. he was real apologetic about Bottom Line. Actually, it seems to me that HE was the one who screwed me up over that RAM. But he said (he’s not there any more) that if i have any more trouble with them, to give him a call & he’ll bitch them out…

Pretty mellow day, actually. sh*t’s gonna hit the fan tomorrow, tho. Saw the finest women so far at the Mactivity thing, actually. I was kinda pleasantly suprised.

I just like the way this whole area looks. it was a nice drive down to Cupertino. Lotsa hills, a couple lakes, some nice hillside houses. Lotsa tall trees too.

But there’s a whole buncha stuff i still wanna do. Take BART to Berkeley, go up to the top of Embarcadero tower, cross the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito, check out a museum or two… so gotta get some sleep…


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