MacWorld ’97

Mon 6 Jan 97
12:23am San Francisco time

yeah, San Francisco. “just another city,” as Jack said. It’s very pretty so far. Also very cold. & i forgot a coat. sh*t. at least i have long johns & a sweater. bought Steve Roach’s origins at Tower Records around the corner here. cd’a picked up the new one, Halcyon Days, w/ Kent & Newbie, but didn’t wanna lose $30. might hafta yet pick up a coat. Hope not.

Cowboys lost to the Carolina Panthers today, out of the playoffs. Watched the game from a pub/pizzeria around the corner. me & jack & our waitress were the only ‘boys fans in the place.

so me & jack walked out to pier 39, i saw the bay & the seals & the Golden Gate bridge & Sausalito & Alcatraz… very beautiful place. Didn’t realize there wd be so many mountains. We’re staying at the Tuscan Inn/ Fisherman’s Wharf. Kinda quiet. Lotsa oriental people. We rode the trolley past Union Square, went to the Virgin store, looked into Planet Hollywood, rode trolley back to the wharf, got some tea at an irish pub, then went to Lou’s blues, where we hung out & listened to a pretty badass 3pc. then they drew numbers for a t-shirt. The 1st # was 713. drat. mine was 723. but nobody had 713, so they drew again. & sho’nuff, 723 came up! I won a freekin’ tshirt! good sign. gonna be a positive trip…

was gonna call Milena, give her the phone # here, but Jack gets bored easily, & we took off. But we get in tonight, & she’d called at 8:38! I think she really is addicted to me… I keep thinking of how things cd be so much better were she here. As it is, i keep looking for stuff she’d like.

Tomorrow’s Cupertino– Apple headquarters. Gil Amelio’s keynote spker Tues am, gonna be talking about their recent acquisition of NeXT, steve jobs’ company. Some exciting stuff to live thru in the next few days… gotta sleep to be rightly prepared…

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