The Void

Thurs, 26 Dec, 96
1:24 PM
(‘nuther nice excerpt:) …but she also said something last night when we (me & her & Dell) were about to fall asleep, she said, “why are people so afraid of that void, that hole in their lives? why can’t we be comfortable with it, & like children, PLAY in it?”

That was beautiful. She’s right there, too. Really! Cuz, to me, that void is where music comes from! that’s where these feelings of love emanate from! I may not know what “real love” is, but the deep & profound feelings i do experience well up inside me from WITHIN THAT VOID!! And i feel that that void is the same void that is within all of us. I like to think that all creatures grow from within that same void. “The force that thru the green fuse drives the flower/ drives my green age…” Love.

OK then. she’s free. I’m free. We still love each other. & there is no reason to feel that we are losing anything by not living together. This will definitely be good for our friendship. and, who knows? we might even become even closer…

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