The Universe

Wed 9 Oct, 1996

My job is going really well, except for i have to listen to Rush Limbaugh all f***ing day. Yeah, the artist i work with must be seriously delirious. Rush is such a f***ing loser. He made this “argument” today that Liberals don’t use logic to back up their political views because if they did, they’d finally see their faulty ways. Then he says that liberals generalize all the time.

That’s why he’s a loser. He’s totally fixated with himself. I have a pretty good acquaintance who is like that– so stuck on himself he can’t see past his own situation. Now, i don’t claim to be unselfish or not self-centered, but these people just cannot see their problems as their OWN. It’s always someone/something else’s fault.

If one is TRULY self-centered, then one sees that not only one’s problems, but ONE’S ENTIRE UNIVERSE stems from within theirself. This is becaue we are aware of the world. Our “individual” worlds wdn’t exist if’n we weren’t here to experience them. The answer to the Zen koan re: the tree falling in the forest when no one’s around is, “NO, it does make no sound, because sound is a perception. If no one’s there to hear it, no sound exists.”

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