Yea! A Job!

Sun 6 Oct, 1996
YEA!! Congratulate me! I will finally be joining the ranks of the employed! And i’ll almost be working in my field, even! Yes, Ocean Originals, a local t-shirt design company, has offered me a job as an artist. Tomorrow’s my first day, & i’m pretty excited. It’s just been such a long haul, this looking for a job. Not that this job will be my career or anything, because the pay is just like $6 /hr. I CAN live on that, but if i’m ever to have to support a family or anything, i’ll be needing double that.

I’ve been really depressed lately, feeling useless, all that classic stuff that American males feel when they’re unemployed. What has kept me from simply doing myself in is Milena and my other friends, my family, and musical directing at the Harbor Playhouse for the Young People’s Theatre there.

I’m just really down on college these days. I mean, i got a freakin’ Master’s degree. Supposedly only like 1 out of 20 people in the country have Master’s degrees, but i’m still gonna be working only _close_ to my field, and only making barely over minimum wage. College doesn’t prepare you for the real world. & i’ve known that; that’s why i stayed in college for over 7 years. College is a _refuge_ from the real world. Shoot, given the choice between a job in the real world and the same job at a college, i’d unflinchingly take the campus position.

I’m also losing interest in the internet. Always known that the internet’s just a fad. Computer companies are pushing it so they can sell computers. You may have noticed i haven’t posted here at in like 3 weeks. I’ve dropt like 3 of my newsgroups in the past week. I guess it’s just shifting priorities. Been working full-time on the music for “the Wind in the Willows,” which i sincerely enjoyed. This weekend was opening weekend; it went well, besides the low turnout and the typical brain-dead matinee audience.

But the internet DOES still have alot of potential. It just needs to support better bandwidth. If people could access the internet as simply and quickly as we can now access our hard drives, no telling what we could do.

It just seems like so much of an economy is pushing hype. Advertizing. That’s why we have “name-brands” and “generic” stuff. Name brands have the money for big-time advertising, which is essentially manufacturing demand. Cheez. Am i turning skeptical with age? I hope not. I just need some really good things happen in my world. Thank god i got Milena and this new job…

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