Africa on the Web; yugen update

Mon 9 Sept, 1996

Here’s an update on the “where’s AFRICA on the so-called ‘WorldWide Web’” rant of 11 August!: check out the “Macs in Africa homepage;” it’s a cool site for jumping off into other African websites, as well as a MacIntosh resource. What’s to not like, huh?

My shows this past weekend went pretty darn well, i’d hafta say. Yeah, if you missed it, i did my multimedia piece “logos, eros, cosmos” at the People’s Art Space here in beautiful downtown Corpus Christi. Attendance was about 20-25 Friday nite, 35-40 Saturday nite, and 45-50 Sunday nite. We raised over $100 for the Art Space, too! And, in Saturday’s (7 Sept) Caller-Times (the local newspaper), Entertainment reporter Paige Ross did me a nice little write-up, with some real nice photos, too. I was hoping some rich benfactor wd show up and offer me a couple grand a month to “keep doing what yr doing,” or at least offer me a job. But no such luck. Looks like i’ll be applying for counter work at the Hollywood Video store down the street…

I know, i know, i can hear you saying it now: “aaaw, such a waste of talent! It’s a sad state of affairs when somebody with as much potential as Keith can’t even get a decent job.” I just might agree with you if it weren’t for the story i read on the front page of the same Caller-Times my wonderful write-up was in: yeah, looks like unemployment’s at a 7-year low! Now ain’t that just wicked-good nooz! And according to the bar-graph visual aid (for those illiterate newspaper readers), the unemployment rate for “whites” is like 4%! One out of 25 white people in this country are unemployed! Now add to this honor the distinction of my Master’s degree (something like 1 out 20 people in the USA have Master’s degrees), & i’m just one heckuva unique person! God, if i didn’t feel like such a societal failure, i’d be thrilled!

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