Thu 15 Aug, 1996

Republican Nat’l Convention’s going on in San Diego… Now, i usually don’t keep up too much with “the News” (wanna rave about that later…), but i had to wake up before 9AM (Central Time Zone) this morning, so caught a bit of NPR Morning Edition, when they happened to mention (for about half an hour) that the convention was going on. Dole & Jack Kemp. Now THERE’S a couple to get yr blood pumping: kinda like being hooked up to one of those anti-Kevorkian machines. Somebody shd get Kevorkian into this convention to *pull the plug* on these guys…

I’m really pretty a-political, but i just don’t have enough money to be a Republican. Mebbe when i win the Texas Lottery (i’ve decided that the next lotto ticket i buy is gonna be THE big winner, hence i’m holding off ’til the pot’s up to about $60 mil– why waste the winning ticket on some lousy $4 million?), i’ll then have something to lose by being more concerned with the lives of actual human beings than the ups & downs of the stock market.

The Republicans say they’re for individual freedom & less government intervention into our private lives. But it’s okay for huge corporations to intervene in our lives; after all, they’re the backbone of our great economy. And it’s okay for the government to tell me i can’t have an abortion and that i can’t practice whatever kind of sex i feel in the privacy of my own bedroom. And while we’re at it, let’s make it okay for government to censor this document; after all, i’m dissing them, and that’s dangerous.

Now, don’t go thinking i’m bitter about the Republicans. Cuz i’m not. I’m bitter about goddang POLITICS. We here in the USA actually have the most stable governmental system in the world, and for that i’m grateful and i feel we shd ALL count ourselves as blessed. But politics is bullsh*t to me because IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO’S IN THERE, nothing all that drastic is gonna change. I guess you cd say either i’m naive or just that i have faith in the way things are…

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