GeoCities: first entry

Sun, 11 August, 1996

hello! Keith Rowley-Yugen here. This Geocities site will be my site for ranting uncontrollably about whatevertheheck i feel like ranting about. If yr interested in my more arty, serious side (musicvisual art, or aesthetic philosophy), please visit the yugen WebSite.

‘K then, on to business. First of all, gotta say that this GeoCities thang is way cool! I mean, free server space for yr uncontrollable rantings? This is Democracy in action, folks! Publish yr totally uninformed, completely personally-biased opinions on the internet! This is where the greatest potential of the internet is– it cd only get better if it were LIVE and if you cd transmit yr ideas like straight from yr head.

But as it is now, i really feel the WorldWideWeb is really just a fad. The infrastructure of the internet is so incompetent, so slow, that we’re gonna hafta have TRULY worldwide FIBER OPTIC lines installed, so that you can access information off the internet as quickly and as easily as getting it from yr hard drive. Plus, as just touched on, what is this “World wide” sh*t? Where’s AFRICA in cyberspace? Same place it’s always been– delegated to a bit part as pit of natural resources that the nations and corporations that make the rules rape & pillage for self-gain & profit.


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