moony-eyed mute alone

asleep reality is never going to kill you

starve you to death

or get you into so much trouble with the law

that you’ll be thrown in jail for life

— in fact asleep reality is usually

really dreamy– a kind of goofy world

in which conflicts are avoided run from

flew from dissolved into the ether

and resolved as your dream girl:

moony-eyed mute alone and daydreaming

of you


alone reality is never going to look

over your shoulder:

you can eat in the nude leave your room

a mess sleep all day and nobody will tell

you to get your shit strait you’re so fucked up

you’ll never amount to anything–

nothing is better than that and almost always

more interesting:

create your own friends who’ll take you as you are:

moony-eyed mute alone and dreaming

of them


silent reality is the best way to reach

other real people; if you find yourself stuck

in such a situation just don’t say anything

because nothing can’t be held

against you in the court of life:

words wobble way too much to be

of reliable to use to anyone

other than poets or punsters–

silence means you care too much about people

to befuddle them so cut to the quick and hug

kiss caress slap ’em till they’re

moony-eyed mute alone and dreaming

of you

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